When Advertising Goes Right – Guinness


I… just don’t think so.

We plan trips to Ireland and the UK for a living, so it should be no surprise that Guinness is one of our favorite beers. We can’t say throughout history that we’ve been totally on board with all of Guinness’ advertising strategies, but this commercial is one they’ve definitely done right.

The new Guinness ad campaign, which features the tagline “Made of more,” is spot on in our books. It’s a far cry from the early days of Guinness advertising, for sure. We think it captures the sense of camaraderie and hospitality of not only the Irish culture, but how we feel when we’re sharing a pint of Guinness with friends. The next time you take a trip to Dublin be sure to check out the Guinness Storehouse to see their advertising throughout the years.

Brace yourself – this commercial’s a tear-jerker for all you softies out there.

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